‘Thinking About You’ And Vianoleo

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In Vianoleo we have been working for years on the conception of maximum quality, nutritious and healthy products. All of them elaborated in an artisanal way, following a centennial tradition, opened to innovation and totally respectful with the environment.

Thinking of you, your family and those good friends that surround you, we have created a lot of packs with which we can enjoy our best products. At the same time, through this action we want you to know the multiple benefits of extra virgin olive oil and, above all, so that you can learn to use it in your recipes and in your daily diet. Therefore, each of our packs is specially designed for those people who enjoy quality cuisine and who like to take care of themselves.

Each lot will go in a beautiful box, inside which you will find a card where the qualities of each product are collected, as well as tips on how to use them in simple recipes, so that you and your friends enjoy the pleasure of eating intelligently.

Visit our ‘GIFTS’ section and discover a wide range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil products. Get our special packs and your ‘Thinking about you’ gift box.