Thinking about you, your family and those good friends that surround you, from Vianoleo we have created with lots of love these packs with which to enjoy our best products.

Each pack is specially designed for those people who enjoy quality gastronomy and who like to take care of themselves. Each lot will be presented in a beautiful box, inside which you will find a card where the qualities of each product are collected, as well as tips on how to use them in simple recipes, so that you and yours, cleverly enjoy the pleasure of eating.

Moms who take care of themselves … and take care of us

The one that cares about you, even if you do not live with her. She worries about what you sleep, what you work for, what you study, what you eat and the tuppers you do not give her back. The same that goes twice a week to Zumba and walks 7 kilometers at the same speed as you running.

Your mother will see endless possibilities in our iO White for the preparation of salads and fish. Our D-Limoneno will give a differentiating touch to their white meats and she will know how to take advantage of the iO Olive Seed Flour to make delicious sauces.

The pack includes: iO D-Limonene 250 ml, iO White 250 ml, iO Caviar Truffle, iO Caviar Basil, iO Olive Seed Flour and Box ‘Thinking about you’.

Pack Mamas

My dad has cholesterol

Everything is ‘little’ for your father. A little tapa of ham, a little craft beer, a little glass of red wine. And of course, with so little diminutive he does not know where the cholesterol comes from. Extra virgin olive oil will be the best ally on his way to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, apart from advising your father some daily “little walks”, we recommend him our refined iO Black, ideal for dressing fish and salads. When he has a craving, nothing more healthy than our iO Caviar Truffle to satisfy his uncontrollable gluttony.

The pack includes: iO Natural Antioxidant 250 ml, iO Black 250 ml, iO Caviar Truffle, iO Olive Seed Flour, iO Olive Seed and Box ‘Thinking about you’.

Pack Papas

The cooking lover

Not to say the ‘crack’. The one who makes the paellas (almost) better than your mother. The cook of the most memorable group getaways to the countryside. The same that with “four things” prepares a dish really appetizing. That one to whom you always tell he should participate in  Masterchef TV show.

Undoubtedly, your friend will know how to make good use of our exquisite iO Spray Truffle and our nutritious iO Olive Seed Flour to give a different touch to his delicious tapas and snacks. With the exquisite iO Caviar with White Truffle he can prepare the tastiest endives you’ve ever tasted.

The pack includes: iO Spray Truffle, Surat White Balsamic Vinegar, iO Caviar Truffle, IO Olive Seed Flour, IO Olive Seed and ‘Thinking about You’ Box.

Pack Cocinillas

The intolerant friend

Gluten intolerance affects 1 in 10 people. It is for sure that your friend has a bad time with her stomach when she inadvertently takes any food that carries it. And most likely more than once you’ve heard it complain about the little or bad taste that products that do not carry gluten have.

For people intolerant to gluten and lactose, all our products will suppose a new way of feeding without going through insufferable digestions, as it will happen with our iO Natural Antioxidant. The most intense flavor will be discovered in our iO D-Limonene and in iO Caviar.

The pack includes: iO Natural Antioxidant 250 ml, iO D-Limonene 250 ml, iO Olive Seed, iO Caviar and Box ‘Thinking about you’.

Pack Sin Gluten

The athlete

Yes, you know who we are going to talk to you about. That friend who after working all day, gets into a CrossFit class and takes advantage of the weekends to do 12 kilometers of running. The one who eats bowls of oatmeal and devours grilled chicken breasts as if there were no tomorrow.

This kit covers all the needs of a good athlete: iO Spray Natural, ideal for preparing special grilled eggs; IO Olive Seed Flour to take strength before a hard workout; and iO Natural Antioxidant to be generous over the avocado in a toast of oat bread.

The pack includes: iO Natural Antioxidant 250 ml, iO Spray, iO Olive Seed Flour, iO Gazpacho Tomato Soup and Box ‘Thinking about you’.

Pack Aceite Oliva para deportista